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Tip: Color Defintions for Bores and Holes with Expert Moldbase Extension

9. Februar 2018 | Tipps & Tricks

a tiny blog entry for setting up color definitions for bores and holes in EMX. It is quite simple.
Go to the EMX Options -> Technology Tab
You will find 3 columns: Hole Color, Face Color, 2nd Hole Color
In the rows different cutout UDFs are listed. In this example I have chosen 2 different UDFS that are used to create holes for guide components guide_thread_bore and guide_thru_thread (1.) and one for the cut out of Locating ing slots locating_round_slot (2.)
Double click within a cell and a color dialog will open.
For the guide UDFs if have choosen a RED color
For the Locating UDFs if have chosen a GREEN color.

With this setup every time guide_thread_bore and guide_thru_thread are used, these cutouts will be colored RED.
Every time I use locating_round_slot these cutouts will be colored GREEN.
This is how it looks like within a mold base: