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Tip: How to change the cut distance of a “rot fix” for an ejector in Expert Moldbase Extension

9. Februar 2018 | Tipps & Tricks

Another answer to a customers question:
Ehen I place ejectors using EMX, the cut which is generated is always very close or coincident with the ejector shaft. See pic:

This makes it difficult to add a champfer in the hole.
I would like the distance from center of ejector to rotfix surface to be bigger. See below pic:
Where can I find the parameter file, from which I can increase this distance?

Here is my answer:
If you have a look to the Component Dialogs bottom area you will find the dimension OFF which is responsible for your described issue.

In the last column you will also find a RULE which predefines the OFF value depending on the DM3 Diameter: In this case 0.5*DM3.
This rule is set up in the udf_data.txt file, which can be found here: <emx_intall>\components\mm\ejector\udf
In my example I assemble an ejector pin which uses the template: „ejector_2.prt“
In the udf_data.txt all udfs used for the template type „ejector_2.prt“ defined in the Section EMX_UDFS (See picture below)
You will find the udf EJP_CB_FIX1_2 which ist responsible for the cut out of type Rotfix1

The rules for this UDF are defined in the udf_data.txt a bit further bleow in the the section EMX_UDF_VALUES

You can now either change this rules to maybe to 0.6*DM3 or what ever you like.
Be aware that if you install a new blank EMX Version all these cahnges will be reset to default.
You can use alternativly set the Windows enivroment variable EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH to point to a custom EMX configuration path there you can place the configuration and the components folder. I recommend to track your changes to the config otherwise future users wont now what was changed and this can cause unexpected behavior.