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Tip: How to remove transparency on plates created in Expert Moldbase Extension

9. Februar 2018 | Tipps & Tricks

A customers question:
Does anybody know how to eliminate the transparency on plates created in assembly definition?
Within EMX options – Technology – Face color :

I believe that this is the place to define the colors on the various plates.
but I cannot set the transparency!… Where to do this??
My answer:
If you want to ge rid of the transparency you have to delete the transparency within the plate templates.
Go to <emx_install>\components\mm\plates and open the templates with Creo.
In my example I will use the plate_5_es, which is the template for cavity paltes on the ejector side
As you see the model has 6 transparent sides.

I will use the Colors tool of creo to set all 6 sides to a non transparent color. the color does not matter, it will be set later from EMX, but it is important to not remove all colored sides.

I save the template and start a new project with EMX. If I now add a cavity plate to the mold from the Moldbase Definition Dialog the color will be like defined in the technology tab, but intransparent.

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