Demolition analysis

Demontagetool DAISYThe Demolition Analysis and Information System DAISY allows for the graphic presentation of the demolition steps needed when taking apart a vehicle. This data can be entered in real time during the disassembly and serve as the basis for various evaluations. A procedural data base may be used to calculate the best possible disposal strategy for a vehicle.

Continental Automotive GmbH

Block area determination for ECAD system

Normal MCAD and ECAD interfaces only determine the keep-out area for patterned circuit boards at the circuit board level. In the design of instrument panels for vehicles the very tight construction space requires an elevation independent detection of keep-out areas. The program developed in this project determines the keep-out areas in a module for various elevations and then provides this information in a format legible for ECAD systems.


Simulation and collision control for milling work

Frässimulation eines MotorblocksIn the design of large tools for chassis production it is important to test the machinability in the design phase as the enter tool module will be installed assembled onto the existing machine. A tool was thus developed that allows designers with no NC skills to define a process in the tool module. A tool movement is then calculated, simulated collision control carried out.


Integration of a chain drive calculation program

In this project a pre-existing chain drive calculation program was integrated in Creo Parametric. The program allows designers to design a chain drive in Creo Parametric using pre-designated elements such as gears, chain tensioners and guide rails. The data from the chain drive are then transferred to the calculation program and the chain length, link count, temperature dependent extreme limits etc are then calculated. The results are then presented in Creo Parametric.