3d Modeling

3d Modeling

The following is a selection of projects that we have carried out with various customers in the area of 3D modeling.


Automatic generation of missing holes

The goal of this project was to automatically generate blind and tapped holes in a pressing tool. First hole in the tool frame and extension were detected and based on a specification list identified as screw or pin holes. The all “counter” holes were automatically created and given color labels depending on the type and diameter.

Tetra Pak

Automation of machine frame design

Tetra Pak MaschinengestellThe B&W profile system was adapted and expanded for Tetra Pak AB of Sweden. It allowed the modeling times for machine frames for packing machines to be reduced by approximately 90 percent. In addition, the modeling of the machine frames along with drawing and production-relevant information about the profiles of the frame were automatically added so that it was then possible to create a partially automated drawing generation and an automated generation of NC data for processing.


Automatic part and assembly modeling

In this project a Pro/TOOLKIT application was developed for the fully automated generation of Creo Parametric parts and assemblies from CAD-independent, XML-based model descriptions. In doing so not only were 3D geometries generated but also parts list parameters.

Schüco International

Conversion of 2D profile data in Creo Parametric

In this project a fully automated modeling of profiles and profile assemblies from 2D data was developed. The designer may simply select a 2D data set while working and a Pro/Engineer part or module will be automatically generated.

Cincinatti Milacron

Automatic drawing generations and NC data generation

The goal of this project was the development of a prototype for fully automated 3D modeling, drawing generation and NC data generation of extrusion nozzles based on the findings of an extruder calculation program. In addition to the modeling and drawing generation, the program also focused on the the fully automated generation of NC data in Pro/MANUFACTURE. In doing so opportunities needed to be found to adapt the processing model of an NC assembly, defining the processing operations, assignment of tools along with the generation of processing sequences.

Duewag AG

Support of production preparation

An auxiliary assembly was developed for Duewag AG to simplify the manufacture preparation for parts. The following functions were developed in doing so:

  • Definition and administration of additional welding tasks in Creo Parametric asseemblies
  • Issuing of machined and milled contours
  • Detection and issuing of data from production design elements


Generation of assemblies without hierarchy and dependency

In this project an additional function was developed in Creo Parametric which generates a new assembly with no assembly hierarchy and no parent-child relationship from existing Creo Parametric assemblies. All components in this new assembly are in their proper location but they are only installed in the upper assembly level using coordinate systems.