Product Overview



SMARTAnnotate applies your standard texts, symbols and metadata to drawings and 3D models quickly and accurately. Extensive management mechanisms allow you to maintain control of the content at all times.


SMARTColor helps you to provide machine-readable product and manufacturing information (PMI) through the rule-based application of predefined colors.


SMART3DExport is the solution for transform your 3D model into a printable 2D PDF. More information will follow. If you are interested, please contact us.


SMARTUpdate checks your assemblies, parts and drawings using a set of predefined rules. Based on the check results, the software repairs and updates your data reliably and automatically.

Design Process Support


SMARTHolechart relieves you of the hours of work involved in adding drilling information and offers intelligent creation of hole charts. Rotational geometries are recognized automatically and hole types can be classified individually. 


The optical analysis software SMARTOptics simplifies the layout of optical components like mirrors and lenses and helps you to determine discontinuities. Inspection of the field of view can be easily analyzed with SMARTOptics and the needed luminosity is calculated and visualized within the assembly automatically.


Easily define X-hatch properties within assembly drawings and update only with just a single push on the button! Especially in your drawings of large tool assemblies, SMARTXHatch speeds up your cross-hatching definition of section views significantly.

Profile Design & Fastener

Advanced Framework Extension

Advanced Framework Extension (AFX) supports you in creating profile assemblies of steel profiles, aluminum-profile systems or other user-defined profiles.

Intelligent Fastener Extension

Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) allows you to handle screws and pins in your profile construction easily. You can define the dimensions and drill holes in an intuitive dialog.


Expert Moldbase Extension

Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) simplifies the design of injection mold tools through a flexible tool design and associative function groups such as ejectors, screw connections and cooling systems.

Progressive Die Extension

Progressive Die Extension (PDX) is the fully integrated industry solution for an efficient design of progressive die tools and allows you an easy creation and flexible modification of the strip layout and the tool itself.


Create your sinking electrodes in a parametric world! The fully integrated software solution SMARTElectrode will speed up your design tasks in this area.

Customized Solution


Harmonize and document your design processes while reducing repetitive tasks at the same time. SmartAssembly supports your design process sustainably. For additional information please contact our partner SIGMAXIM.


SmartDesignServer coordinates the distributed processing of SmartAssembly programs on multiple cores throughout your network. Additionally, you may use SmartDesignServer to create individual user interfaces like a web configurator. For additional information please contact our partner SIGMAXIM.


More information will follow. If you are interested, please contact us.