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Power for Your Die Design Progressive Die Extension

  • Automated tooling setup fully integrated in Creo Parametric
  • 2D strip layout creates 3d solid model
  • Extensible supplier component library with intelligent components
  • Bill of material management
  • SMARTHolechart functionality

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Benefits for your company

Progressive Die Extension is the integrated solution in Creo Parametric for designing stamping tools.

It includes a variety of supplier components for piercing, forming, guiding and auxiliary equipment. Furthermore, customized components can be defined by flexible configuration rules.

Strip and tooling design tasks are supported by intuitive and performance optimized interfaces. For example, you can create a strip assembly in the 2D dialog and display manufacturing-relevant information quickly. In addition, you can add your company-specific cutting accessories with intelligent configuration rules using the powerful library functionality.

The automatic drawing creation, bill of materials and SMARTHolechart functionality simplify the provision of manufacturing documents.

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    PDX offers you tools to dimension and place even complex components with the intuitive plate and strip wizards.

  • Flexible

    Article changes of an existing tool are adapted from the strip construction to the production documents quickly.

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    Avoid contradictions in your design by automatically finding placement references and improve model quality through intelligent cutting components and consistent rules.

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    Automate placing of in-house stamping equipment by integrated design rules and limit manual modeling tasks to a minimum.


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Define 2D Strip

Based on design articles the strip wizard supports planning of the strip by dragging and dropping articles to their indicated position. Naming conventions, numbers and size of the stations can be adjusted flexibly. Take control about material usage and costs per station or optimize station dimensions.

Manufacturing operation locations as well as module sizes are to be planned for tool design tasks.

Stamping geometry for contoured cut stamps is defined by stamp reference parts.

Configure Tooling Setup

The plate wizard allows to define the tooling setup. Plates can easily be placed, moved and manipulated in the different views. Based on the modules of the strip the definition of a segmented tool is supported. Placing the strip assembly to each module allows collaborative design work.
Furthermore, reference patterns to locate stamping equipment can be defined and visualized in the plate wizard.

Use Supplier Library

PDX comes with a library of supplier components for piercing, forming and guiding and auxiliary equipment. This library does not only contain the Creo Parametric models, but also the rules about configuration, placement, dimension and cutouts. It can easily be extended for customer specific inhouse components.

Manage Bill Of Material

Prepare your bill of material information by a user friendly interface.

Utilize SMARTHolechart

The SMARTHolechart functionality recognizes holes by geometry or by user defined information. Based on the configured hole types and tables, this information is placed on the drawing.

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Even more effective in combination

  • Expert Moldbase Extension

    Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) simplifies the design of injection mold tools. Besides many other functions, it offers a flexible stack definition dialog and associative function groups such as ejector pins, fasteners and cooling systems.

  • SMARTHolechart

    SMARTHolechart saves you a huge amount of time in adding bore hole information and offers intelligent creation of hole charts. Rotational geometries are recognized automatically and hole types can be classified individually.

  • SMARTXHatch

    Use SMARTXHatch to easily define X-hatch properties in your assembly drawings. Especially in your large tool assembly drawings, it will speed up your cross-hatching definition and view regeneration significantly.

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