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Connects what Belongs Together Intelligent Fastener Extension

  • Easy handling of screws and dowel pins
  • Define the sizes and holes in an intuitive dialog
  • Assemble fasteners together with all holes
  • Integration and use of existing fasteners
  • Easy redefinition and removal

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Benefits for your company

Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) provides quick and easy access to a screw and dowel pin library. The fasteners are created and installed together with all necessary boreholes.

  • Fast and uniform access to fasteners
  • Extensive fastener library
  • Manage fasteners from catalogs
  • Uniform

    Increase standardization in your company by using uniform standard parts libraries. For visualization, you can simply define your favorites.

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    In the IFX dialog, select the desired screw together with all washers and nuts and define the corresponding holes. IFX does the rest for you.

  • Flexible

    After installation, you can quickly and easily redefine the screw/pin connection. This increases the flexibility to react quickly to changes.

  • Clear

    Your existing connections are displayed with all necessary information in a dialog. From there you can easily edit the connections.


Here you will find a selection of current videos that will
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Assemble Screw Fastener

Simply select the position references for screw and nut/thread. Then define type and diameter, washers and bores. IFX assemble the parts together with every required hole.

1. Select Reference

2. Define Screw Fastener

3. Assemble Models Together With Holes

Assemble Dowel Pin Fastener

Simply select the position references for the dowel pin. Then define type, diameter and bores. IFX assemble the parts together with all the required holes.

1. Select Reference

2. Define dowel pin fastener

3. Assemble dowel pin together with all holes

Redefine Fastener

Existing fasteners can be changed again with a few clicks. The parts are replaced and the holes adjusted.

Check Screw Fasteners

All existing screw fasteners can be displayed in a dialog. The fastener lengths are checked and can be changed directly.

Create Instances

All parts of the library can be created using the instance creator. It is then easy to integrate the parts into the file management system.

Accessing Windchill files

IFX offers full Windchill support. All Creo® models of fasteners, catalog files and fastener data files can be stored in Windchill.

Customize Library

The library can be easily configured and adapted to your requirements. Add new catalogues and adapt the assortment of fasteners to your needs.

Manage Fasteners In Catalogs

Group logically related fasteners into new catalogs. This way you can prevent, for example, that an A2 screw is accidentally screwed together with a steel nut.

Abrufbare Normteile in IFX

Available Standard Parts in IFX:

  • ISO®
  • Holo-Krome®
  • Nord-Lock-Group
  • PennEngineering®
  • DIN

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Success stories of
our customers

  • We use IFX in silicone mold design and demolding technology, mainly in combination with skeletons, so hundreds of screws in our cold channels and the rest of the mold can be precisely and quickly set, adapted and edited.

    IFX offers many possibilities to implement different design strategies without reconfiguring the tool. Even all our special fits and special exemptions for screws, dowel pins, fitting bushings, lifting eyes, connections,… etc. were also integrated into IFX.

    IFX offers us many possibilities to integrate new elements. No matter if they were drawn in Creo or if they are imported parts. All libraries are adaptable.

    The combination of IFX and the drilling tables from Creo made all dimensions or cuts through holes redundant. All this information is available in the automatically generated drilling note and only needs to be shown in the drawing derivation, that’s it. This applies to screw clearances, threads and fits. Of course these notes and information are also available and visible in 3D. Thus the effort in the drawing derivation was reduced considerably.

    A. Kurzmann, Administrator CAD/PLM // Designer at ELMET

  • I like the tool (IFX) very much and for the first time after working with Creo for about 20 years, I really enjoy adding screws, pins and studs 😉 The tool is a significant relief and, due to its individual configurability it is very easy to adapt to our own standards, too. This makes it a very useful tool for us and improves our design process and our documentation.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Adolph, Produktionskontrolle PK/Konstruktion // Fraunhofer-Institut für Physikalische Messtechnik IPM

Even more effective in combination

  • Advanced Framework Extension

    Advanced Framework Extension supports you in creating profile assemblies of steel profiles, aluminum-profile systems or other user-defined profiles.

  • SMARTHolechart

    SMARTHolechart saves you a huge amount of time in adding bore hole information and offers intelligent creation of hole charts. Rotational geometries are recognized automatically and hole types can be classified individually.

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