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Unveiling the Enhancements and Bug Fixes in IFX Versions and

16. October 2023 | Updates

In this article, we explore the most recent iterations of the Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX), specifically versions and These updates bring a wide range of improvements and bug fixes to the table. We will examine new screw choices, enhanced API features, and the resolution of vital issues, all designed to enhance the performance of our software.



  • Before changes are made, a check is done to see if a model is read-only. If this is the case, a conflict dialog is displayed. The user must unlock the model for changes.
  • Add new screw option COUNTERSINK_HOLE_USE_LIMITS.
  • Use API ‘ProElementHole*Set()’ to set the thread series and the screw size by value. If the value (i.e. M10x1.5) does not exist, an exception is thrown. In the past the thread series and the screw size where set by index. If the index was wrong, creo crashes immediately.
  • Ignore values (e.g. tabs and spaces) behind ‘THREAD_DATA’ in hole charts.
  • Before retrieving, check if a fastener exists to avoid the message: ‘fastener-mdl’ cannot be retrieved.
    If the fastener model does not yet exist, create it using the template.


  • Only accept cylindrical surfaces as multi-reference.
  • Consider hole charts in working directory.
  • Solved problem for screw-in fasteners. Offset (depth) was set to ‘-0.1’.
  • Parameter values for the ‘BUW_*_ID*’ fastener component parameters were set to ‘0’ during redefinition.



  • Add missing translation strings.

Additional information regarding the latest version, along with any enhancements, can be located right here:


What’s new IFX &

You can find the complete changelog here.