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Potential issues in running B&W Software products in Creo 9.0 and 10.0

18. January 2024 | Updates

Applies To Creo Parametric versions

  • Possibly: (not released yet)


Affected B&W Software products:

  • SMARTAnnotate
  • SMARTColor
  • SmartAssembly/SmartDesignServer: Just in case commands DELETE_ANNOTATION_ELEMENT or DELETE_ANNOTATION_ELEMENTS are called.


The Creo/Toolkit command ProAnnotationfeatElementArrayDelete is used to remove annotation elements from an annotation feature.
If this API is called for a part model or an assembly, in the Creo versions mentioned above, then all relations and almost all model parameters will get deleted. Just the parameter PTC_REPORTED_MATERIAL is likely to still be present in the model.
Only part and assembly mode are affected. Drawing mode is not.


It is not recommended to upgrade to the affected Creo versions.


We are in close cooperation with PTC. A SPR for the R&D has been filed.