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New Feature in Expert Moldbase Extension: Engraved Texts for Ejector Pins

3. April 2024 | Updates

In this blog post we present you the new feature “Engraved Texts for Ejector Pins”, which is available in Expert Moldbase Extension with the releases:

  • for Creo Parametric 10.0
  • for Creo Parametric 9.0
  • for Creo Parametric 8.0
  • for Creo Parametric 7.0

The usage for this functionality is to provide an automatic creation of engravings for ejector pin parallel to it’s assembly.

  • The engraved text will be assembled twice:
    • On to the head surface of the ejector pin.
    • Right next to the cutout UDF in the ejector retainer plate.
  • The final position of the text features can later be adopted manually.
  • The displayed text is controlled by a configurable parameter by using relations.
  • To trigger the creation of the text features and new variable option Add engraved text next to ejector head is introduced within the ejector pin dialog box.
  • This variable option is disabled by default. Some configuration settings must be set up to enable the check box.
  • The parameter can be defined with the new EMX configuration option PARAM_EJP_ENGRAVED_TEXT.
  • By doing so, there are some restrictions that must be considered to ensure that no incorrect relations with missing parameters will be created in the models:
    • Only part parameters for type Integer and String are valid.
    • The parameter must be listed in the EMX parameters.
  • In case the parameter is appropriatly set up, the new variable option will be enabled.
  • The selected text height is based on the diameter of the selected ejector pin. Valid text heights can be defined in the new configuration file engraved_text_heights.cfg.