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In addition to our actual corporate purpose, it goes without saying that we are also deeply engaged in social activities. This includes various areas. Take a look at our commitment here.

Ecological sustainability

The issue of climate change is playing an increasingly important role in the world. We have taken the opportunity here for us and have been climate neutral since 2020. This is made possible by 100% green electricity for our office. If we have to travel by plane, we compensate these trips. Besides, we are almost paperless on the road. But it’s also about the little everyday situations. The majority of our employees use public transportation or the bicycle to get to work.

Social projects

We want to help and give something back. That’s why we are taking on more responsibility in society through social projects and have thus been active in the Oxfam Entrepreneur Network for several years. The network is committed to the education of young people in Africa. The network made it possible that several young people could complete their training courses and we are pleased to be able to make a contribution here.

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