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New functionality for exporting models with SMARTElectrode

7. May 2024 | Updates

Purpose During SMARTElectrode data output, the visibility of elements can now be better controlled with layers.


When exporting electrodes to another data format (e.g. STEP or IGES), SMARTElectrode creates two new layers that remain after output:

  • Layer “SE_EXPORT_HIDDEN” collects all elements that should be hidden during output.
  • Layer “SE_EXPORT_DISPLAYED” collects all elements that should be visible during output.

The content of the hidden layer is automatically determined by SMARTElectrode. To display elements that differ from the standard, these can be removed from “SE_EXPORT_HIDDEN” and added to “SE_EXPORT_DISPLAYED”.
Only elements that are not assigned to the visible layer are added to the hidden layer.

Two new export options make it easier to configure the layers:

    Contains a semicolon-separated list of layers that are always displayed.
    Clears the contents of the two layers before export to reset the model. This can be useful after changing the configuration.


This functionality replaces the use of the settings file for layers (more). The use of export profiles is not affected by this change.


  • Creo Parametric 11.0 – SMARTElectrode
  • Creo Parametric 10.0 – SMARTElectrode
  • Creo Parametric 9.0 – SMARTElectrode
  • Creo Parametric 8.0 – SMARTElectrode
  • Creo Parametric 7.0 – SMARTElectrode