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Enhancements and Bug Fixes for IFX

17. April 2024 | Updates

Discover the new Intelligent Fastner Extension (IFX) Version, which includes several new enhancements for read-only models, determining the ifx.log directory, and verifying the IFX configuration directory.


  • Rework validation for configuration folder.
  • Ignore readonly state of model for affected APIs.
  • Before changes are made, a check is done to see if a model is read-only. If this is the case, a conflict dialog is displayed. The user must unlock the model for changes.


  • Output ifx.log to <personal>\buw\IFX\logs\<version>.


  • If the personal folder cannot be determined, the ifx.log will be written to the current working directory. If the working directory cannot be determined either, logging will be disabled.
  • A message that was too long caused a crash.
  • If the library location is set to ‘Windchill’, the library directories will be created if they do not exist.

For further details about the new version, including updates, please refer here:


What’s new IFX

You can find the complete changelog here.