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IFX Version Enhancements and Bugfixes

24. July 2023 | Updates

IFX Version

The latest release of the new Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) Version offers a range of enhancements and bugfixes. From new screw options and improved API functionality to better handling of thread data and resolved issues, this blog post explores the details of these updates.


  • Add new screw option COUNTERSINK_HOLE_USE_LIMITS. [RM-15262][SPR-14504539]
  • The API ‘ProElementHole*Set()’ is now used to set the thread series and the screw size by value. If the value (i.e. M10x1.5) does not exist, an exception is thrown. In the past the thread series and the screw size where set by index. If the index was wrong, creo crashes immediately. [RM-15348]
  • Ignore values (e.g. tabs and spaces) behind ‘THREAD_DATA’ in hole charts. [RM-15215]
  • Before retrieval, a check is made to see if a fastener already exists to avoid the message: ‘fastener-mdl’ cannot be retrieved.
    If the fastener model does not yet exist, it is created using the template. [RM-14618]


  • Only accept cylindrical surfaces as multi-reference. [RM-15199]
  • Consider hole charts in working directory. [RM-14899][SPR-14386755]
  • Solved problem for screw-in fasteners. Offset (depth) was set to ‘-0.1’. [RM-14871]

You can find further details about the new version, including updates, here:


What’s new IFX

You can find the complete changelog here.