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IFX Version is now available

16. January 2023 | Updates


The new Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX) Version contains a number of bug fixes to improve the use of our software for you.


  • The creation of holes was improved.
    If an edge was hit on the exit surface, the hole was not created. [RM-13792][SPR-13818141][C-16381450]
  • For inserts, the pitch ‘P’ was used instead of ‘P1’ to determine the hole thread series. [RM-14292]
  • Fixed a problem related to redefining fasteners in subassemblies. [RM-13590]
  • An issue related to the placement of fasteners on assembly cut surfaces has been fixed. [RM-14373][RM-14406][SPR-14146142][C-16584416]
  • Fixed an error when reading *.dat files. If there was a space in the first column, there were problems when placing fasteners. [RM-14361][SPR-14131006][SPR-14130745][C-16573455]


This blog post will give you a brief overview of the most important changes.

More information about the new version including its updates can be found here:


What’s new IFX

You can find the complete changelog here.