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AFX 4.0 M041 veröffentlicht

18. Januar 2018 | Updates

AFX 4.0 M041 ist jetzt zum download bereit. Hier die wichtigsten Änderungen:

  • FIX: Profile on two points no longer crashes when a user selects same start and end
  • FIX: Bend profile no longer crashes when selecting incorrect orientation plane
  • FIX: Replace profile should now work with beams that are not in the library
  • ENH: Add Australian flat bars to rectangular beam
  • ENH: Inherit parameter now supports Boolean parameter
  • ENH: Start_mdl.cfg views are now centered, new keywords RENAME_VIEW and DELETE_VIEW
  • ENH: Hidden option: EFX_ITEM_NR_NUMBER_DIGITS to set number of digits of item numbers (0001, 0002, etc.)
  • ENH: Common name will be set with file extension


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