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Tip: Set up customized Bill of Material Names in Expert Moldbase Extension Optionss > Part Names

9. Februar 2018 | Tipps & Tricks

Hello EMX Users,
due to a customer question I decided to write a short blog entry about setting up custom BOM Names in the EMX Options
In EMX 9 m023 the concal screw bom name is marked as Set screw. please let me know how to correct it…
In EMX every component template file comes with a defined BOM Name. In my example I will talk about the screw from supplier Meusburger with an order number E1200. The template file for this screw is called screw_e1200.
If you open the EMX Options icon_options.png  an switch to the tab Part Names you will find a table with all templates use for EMX components.
In my example the BOM Name for the template file screw_e1200 is called SHC*Screw. The * will later be replateced with a space character.
In this dialog you can set up any kind of description that you need for your mold.
If we now open the Screw dialog and switch to the E1200 screw from Meusburger you will find this BOM Name in the BOM Data.
I will assemble the screw and check the EMX Bill of Materials

In the EMX standard configuration ( Open EMX Options > Parameter) a STRING parameter called BOM_NAME is defined. this Parameter has a default value assigned which is called &bomname.

This default value is now looking for the BOM Name definition in the Part Names and adds this value to the parameter.

Have a great day,


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