New User Interface “Start Position”

New User Interface “Start Position”

Starting with SMARTElectrode it is possible to interactively define the start positions of the electrodes for the eroding process in a separate user interface. The definition of start positions is always necessary if data has to be transferred to erosion machines.

Application of the new user interface

After activating the desired electrode position, the command is executed. The user interface appears and the reference coordinate system for the definition of the movement is highlighted.


With OK the positioning is accepted and saved. The new start position overwrites the standard and the position of the alternative coordinate systems “STARTPOS” and “SECUREPOS”. The position is only saved for the selected electrode. The components can simply be processed one after the other.

The start positions can be displayed at any time using the view commands.

Presetting the start datum plane

As part of the adjustments, a new default value was introduced for the DEFAULT_START_DATUM option. This presets a start level for the selected zero point. The new default value -1 will use the part height as offset value for new zero points. This results in a safe start position above the workpiece.


To optimize the start positions, the value can be changed for all electrodes in the operation definition or for individual electrodes.




This new feature is available for all electrode assemblies starting with version SMARTElectrode