This was the B&W Webinar Week 2021!

This was the B&W Webinar Week 2021!

In october our annual B&W webinar week took place. We hopefully provided interesting insights as well as tips and tricks for our software, with  its 13 sessions in english and german from the 12th to the 14th october.

Of course we recorded all our webinars for you. Perhaps you didn’t have enough time to watch all webinars live? Just watch them all on demand.

These were our topics this year

New and hidden functions in SMARTAnnotate

In this webinar we focus on recently added or not commonly well known functions within the SMARTAnnotate software.  First we give you a quick general overview of the software and then address specific topics for you.

News about AFX 8.0 and AFX 9.0 for Creo®

Within this presentation we will show you some new features in our software Advanced Framework Extension (AFX), which is also directly included in a Creo Parametric subscription package.

Efficient electrode design in Creo® with interfaces to CAM, CAQ and EDM machines

Learn how existing and newly created electrodes can be prepared and used for subsequent processes with SMARTElectrode. In addition to the use of templates for Creo NC and the definition of measuring points, we will be adressing the available interfaces to EDM systems.

Preparing and analyzing optical assemblies in Creo®

We will show you how to perform ray path analysis directly in Creo Parametric assemblies. Furthermore with our SMARTOptics software you will also be able to manage optical materials and wavelengths in a database.

I spy with my little eye (Remastered)

Target of this two part webinar is to first analyze the different tools and methods that Creo Parametric offers to make items visible or invisible in the graphics area. After that we show you, with the help of a few practical examples of the visbility topic, the opportunities which SMARTUpdate provides.

All of the recordings are now available on our Youtube channel. Therefore we have linked the entire playlist of the B&W webinar week for you.

We hope you’ll enjoy watching our videos.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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