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Automatic Interference Check

20. June 2023 | Tips & Tricks


SMARTElectrode now offers two modes to check the electrodes for interferences during design. As a result, errors can be detected and corrected more quickly. A distinction is made between assemblies and active components..


Activation in both supported modes via the buttons in the ribbon.

Assembly mode

Active Component mode
  • When activated, the analysis is carried out directly.
  • When deactivated, the current analysis results are retained but no longer displayed. The results remain accessible in the Burnsheet UI.
  • The analysis takes into account electrode holders (quilts) in assembly mode.
  • When used in active component mode, only the results for the active electrode are displayed and updated.
  • Because of the negative impact on performance, the automatic check is paused within user interfaces and, if necessary, executed when closing.


The following actions in Creo Parametric lead to a recalculation of the interference check:

  • Regenerate
  • Create feature
  • Suppress feature
  • Resume feature
  • Delete feature
  • Change dimension (via regenerate)


  • Holders cannot be checked when the component is active.
  • Redefine feature does not update the interference check. Must alternatively be started via Regenerate.


  • The option AUTO_INTERFERENCE_CHECK sets the behaviour in assembly mode.
  • The option AUTO_INTERFERENCE_COMP_CHECK sets the behaviour in active component mode.
NoteWhen the interference check is activated in assembly, the option is automatically active in the component.
AvailibilityThe new functionality is available from Creo Parametric 4.0 to 9.0 in versions SMARTElectrode,, and for all electrode assemblies.