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Call out the Creo Unit system as parameter values and keep them up-to-date

28. April 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Current situation:

There is no way to call out parameter values containing the current used units in annotations like notes, symbols, tables, … You may provide these parameters manually, but they will not reflect a change in the unit system.


Let SMARTUpdate check for the current used unit system and create and update parameter values containing the enclosed units automatically.


    1. Create a ‘Unit’ check in SMARTUpdate.

  1. Create ‘Parameter’ checks in SMARTUpdate for every unit entry.
    1. Access the respective value through the ‘Unit’ check ID and its internal options. You may even use the unit system type (MLT/FLT) as a condition for the parameters to be created.
  2. Run SMARTUpdate.

    1. Not existing parameters will be created with the current unit values.
    2. After a change of the unit system, or a single unit, SMARTUpdate will update the parameter values accordingly
  3. You may use these parameters in any annotation as a regular Creo parameter