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Designate Surface Functions for Cut-Out Geometry

27. August 2019 | Tips & Tricks

One of the main benefits of using Expert Moldbase Extension during the moldbase designed is the automatic cut-out creation for standard components. These functionality is mainly based on Creo User-Defined-Features (UDFs) The two main advantages are:
  • Saving design time, by avoiding the manual creation of the cut-outs.
  • Avoid design error, by providing standardizes cut-out logic.
With the EMX Versions EMX, EMX and EMX 10 M033 we provide now an additional capability. All standard UDFs in EMX have been revised. All resulting surfaces in the UDFs have now a function assigned by intruducing a new Parameter called EMX_SURFACE_FUNCTION. The actual surface function is defined by the containing parameter value. In this blog post we will explain the different parameter values and the according surface function. These parameter values can later be used in other software solutions. For example SMARTColor can use these values to colorize the surfaces to add Proccess Manufacturing Information (PMI) to the mold base plates. A detailed instruction to achieve this behavior can be found on this page SMARTColor in EMX. For different kinds of components the multple parameter values are defined. Only one example for each surface function is displayed here: Cooling Components
Ejector Pins
Guide components
Dowel Pins
Locating Ring