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Expert Moldbase Extension: Facelift for the Component Editor

15. November 2022 | Tips & Tricks

In the releases Expert Moldbase Extension, und der the Component Editor got a face lift. In this post we give you a quick overview about the improvements.

Improved Part Name rules

Compared to the old version. it is now possible to edit the part name rules for all subcomponents of an assembly directly in one table . Additionally, you can now decide from which source the part name rule should by pulled. Three different options can be selected:

  • Global:For this Komponnet the part name rule is read from the global part name configuration file.
  • Local: Withing the *.dat file a local part name rule is added the section EMX_BOM_INFO. This part name rule is only applied for this onecomponent.
  • Default: For this component the default partname rule ANY for the global part name configuration file is applied.

With this improvement the part names rules can be managed more easy in a more structured manner. Local variations in the part names rules can be handle purposefully implemented..

Editing of rows and columns with a Right-Mouse menu

Additional contents of components like Instances, Nominal Values, Features etc. can be edited with a Right-Mouse menu. You can add, remove and shift new rows.

In the Instances table it is also possible to edit the Instance Dimensions (columns) with the Right-Mouse menu. In case a column header is selected and the RightMouse menu opens Dimensions, Parameters and Subcomponents (In assemblies only) can be added as instance dimension.

Subsequently, a Dialog provides alist of all dimensions, parameters or subcompoents defined in the model.

New Type Spinbox for Nominal Values

Beside the existing types of fields for Nominal Values the new type SPINBOX can be defiend. The spinbox is similar to an Edit field, but can additionally be restricted by miniimum and maximum values and an increment. This can be very useful in case a dimensions shall not be smaller or bigger then a certain value. You can edit this spinbox rule with a double-click into the column “Relation”.