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New manufacturing templates for use with Creo NC

18. November 2019 | Tips & Tricks

Starting with SMARTElectrode, updated and new manufacturing templates for Creo NC are included. NC programming can be considerably simplified by using NC templates. Templates can be prepared for different machines or applications and assigned to the electrodes. The templates can be assigned to the electrodes in the corresponding user interface. Upon confirmation, the assemblies are created and necessary references are replaced.

Three new templates
Three different templates are currently available for copying and adapting:

  • Updated manufacturing template MFG_DEFAULT
    Empty NC-assembly with prepared datums that are repelaced by SMARTElectrode on creation of assembly.
    Modeltree for empty manufacturing template for Creo NC
  • New manufacturing template MFG_3AXIS
    Template with basic machining operations for a 3-axis milling machine.
    Modeltree of manufacturing template for 3-axis milling
  • New manufacturing template MFG_MODULEWORKS
    Manufacturing template for the use of HSM cycles provided by ModuleWorks..
    Manufacturing template for the use of HSM cycles provided by ModuleWorks

Manufacturing Template Description File (XML)

In addition to the CAD data, the templates require an XML file that describes which references have to be automatically replaced by SMARTElectrode. At present, reference planes in the workpiece and the manufacturing assembly can be replaced.

The current templates can be downloaded here and must be saved in the SMARTElectrode configuration in the “machining” subdirectory of the electrode blanks.