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PTC/USER Webinar – Creo Color Coding

19. January 2021 | Fairs & Events Updates

PTC/USER Webinar – Creo Color Coding

Jan Stothfang will give a presentation on “Creo Color Coding – A Technique to transfer 3D Model Information for Downstream Processes” as part of the PTC/User Expert Series Webinars on January 27th at 11:00 am Eastern Time.

Within an MBD/MBE environment it is still challenging to reliably transfer any kind of information from the 3D model into downstream processes and functions. In most cases this information initially needs to pass through neutral interfaces, like STEP242. Then, it is consumed downstream via a completely different kind of software (i.e., viewing software like Creo/View, machining software like Hypermill, inspection software like Calypso, …)

The challenge or art is it to find transportation vehicles that can be used to allow this information to flow through interfaces seamlessly and reliably for manifold downstream consumption. As colors have a very robust intrinsic code (RGB), they perfectly fit for many kinds of information like process data, surface finish or even GD&T.

This webinar will focus on advantages, current limitations and automation aspects of color coding and how supporting parameters can help to apply this technique to even more use cases.

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