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AFX 4.0 M060 released

25. June 2018 | Updates

AFX 4.0 M060 now ready to download. Most important changes:

  • FIX: Translation mechanism should now also be able to handle spaces in the message id’s
  • FIX: License select dialog should now longer crash if you click in a white space of the table
  • ENH: Users will now get a more detailed error message if license issues appear
  • ENH: The delete function will now also delete failed features
  • ENH: The delete function will no longer delete all children
  • ENH: Increased performance of modify size
  • ENH: Copy assembly will no longer save parts from search paths into working directory (only with Creo 4.0 M050+)
  • ENH: License error messages are now more detailed
  • ENH: Added NO_DIALOG setting to license.ini to prevent the license select dialog