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Creo 9.0 Technical Update: AFX – Updated AutoUDF User Interface

7. June 2022 | Updates

Creo 9.0 is the CAD system of the year 2022 not to be missed. An interesting change for our Advanced Framework Extension (AFX) – users, that comes with the new Creo version, is the updated AutoUDF user interface. Our goal with this blogpost is to show you the most important enhancement, new capabilities as well as benefits regarding the user interface.

Enhancement: Updated AutoUDF User Interface

Functionality New buttons make it easier to create, reuse, modify and delete AutoUDF definitions in Advanced Framework Extension.
A new dialog allows users to view and manage existing AutoUDFs.
UI Location Framework -> Automatic UDFs
Use Case When using AutoUDFs in Framework, users need to be able to have flexibility and control over their definitions,
including being able to view, update and modify existing AutoUDFs.
Problem Solved In previous versions of Creo, AutoUDF definitions could be created. However there was no means to view exsiting AutoUDFs
within an assembly. Existing defintions couldn’t be modified or reused.
User Beneftis Greater flexibility and ease-of-use when using AutoUDFs in Framework.
Troubleshooting N/A



  • New buttons for performing definiton operations for AutoUDFs
  • Added capability to reuse and modify existing AutoUDF definitions
  • New dialog to review, manage, and update existing AutoUDFs in an assembly



  • More easily create and delete AutoUDF definitions
  • Increased flexibility and control when working with existing AutoUDF definitions
  • Ability to manage all AutoUDFs in a single dialog

AutoUDF Definition operations and Manage AutoUDFs