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Expert Moldbase Extension 10.0 M012 released

5. February 2018 | Updates

A new version of Expert Moldbase Extension 10.0 M012 is now available. The main new features are:

  • New export functionality of cooling circuit curves for moldflow analysis.
  • New option INCLUDE_EJECTOR_BORES_IN_MOLD_ANALYSIS: Ejector bores are considered during wall thickness check in Tool Design.
  • New functionality to assemble library components with Creo component interfaces.
  • Improved assembly behavior and status visualization for components that are retrieved from Windchill or search path folders.
  • New button in Ejector Pin Designer, to define ejector pins on sketched points or multi-points-features.
  • New top interlock component AGATHON 7990.

To see the full what’s new document follow this link here(PDF).

The complete change log can be found here.