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How to customize sort order in SMARTElectrode burnsheet and export

5. May 2021 | Tips & Tricks

In this blog post, you will learn more about the sort order of electrodes in burnsheet and how to customize the order in export.

Note: These enhancements are available since SMARTElectrode and

Sort order in Burnsheet User Interface

Electrodes are sorted by feature sequence number in Burnsheet UI by default. This is also default sort order for any output. Suppressed electrodes are skipped in the list and also in output. In addition also incomplete or disabled models are skipped in output.

Model Tree Burnsheet
Starting point of the arrangement from the model tree Firing list according to the sequence in the model tree

The order can be changed simply by the user by drag’n’drop in the model tree. The first appearance of an electrode in model tree determines its position in burnsheet.

Model Tree Burnsheet
Changed order in the model tree with drag'n'drop Burnsheet in dependence of the model tree

Customize sort order in

Some interfaces require a special sorting order. This can be defined in the associated configuration file. The configuration file ‘export.cfg’ is located in <configuration>\export\<type>\export.cfg or <configuration>\processor\<type>\pp\export.cfg.


The specification of two new options is permitted here:

  • Option SE_ORDER_BY followed by value.
    Defines parameter by parameter name or default.
    Parameter name can be found in column ‘Name’, default can be found in the last column ‘Default’ in parameter configuration.
    Option SE_ORDER_BY followed by a value
  • Option SE_SORT_ORDER followed by value.
    • ASC / ASCENDING for ascending sort order
    • DESC / DESCENDING for descending sort order

Additional conditions:

  • Sorting works for string, double and integer parameters
  • Use only for parameters saved to electrode part model!


The task is to sort the electrodes in descending order by effective burn area. Both setups deliver the same result:

Options Result in text file
Options on the example: Burnarea

Options using the example: focal surface

Result as text file

We hope that you like the new features and that they will make your work easier. If you have any experience with the new functionality, please feel free to share it with us. We are also happy to receive further ideas for improvement, as we are constantly working on optimizing our software for you. Please feel free to give us feedback.