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How to disable Electrodes and Workpieces

3. February 2023 | Tips & Tricks


In some cases it may be necessary to exclude electrodes or workpieces from export or check. For example:

  • an electrode is an auxiliary/construction model. This applies especially for parents of merge or mirror electrodes.
  • individual positions should not appear in export. For example, gate electrodes or paths to start point often have to be programmed manually.
  • outdated versions of workpieces can remain in assembly for documentation purposes without corrupting the data output.



  • open burnsheet
  • select items to disable
  • open context menu on right mouse button
  • check the “Disable Component” check box


  • open burnsheet
  • select items to enable
  • open context menu on right mouse button
  • uncheck the “Disable Component” check box


Disabled components are displayed with their own icons in the burnsheet and keept their type and data set. After activation, these components are fully functional again. A color for disabled components can be defined in “my_color_format.cfg” using type “SE_COMPONENT_DISABLED”.


An disabled electrode can…

  • get a drawing
  • get a manufacturing assembly
  • be edited after activation

A disabled workpiece can…

  • get a drawing
  • be used for electrode design
  • be edited after activation

A disabled component (electrode or workpiece) will be omitted in…

  • export
  • interference analysis
  • computation of contact area
Disable components is available starting with SMARTElectrode,, und in all supported Creo versions 4.0 to 9.0 in all electrode assemblies.
With versions,, and deactivated workpieces are excluded from simplified representations and size calculation. When activated, the workpieces are taken into account again.