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New Features in Expert Moldbase Extension, and available

5. April 2023 | Updates

 Expert Moldbase Extension, und

New Improvements and Enhancements are available in EMX:

  • New American Standard Sealing Rings for different assembly situations
  • Improved “Trim” and “Auto Length” feature behavior for ejector pins

New Sealing Rings

Components are assembled as flexible models. Same model can be used in different assembly scenarios. Model changes width based on compressed height without changing the volume of the sealing ring. Inner and outer pressure and coaxial scenarios are supported.

Improved “Trim” and “Auto Length” features

Auto length feature is now created as additional feature in ejector model. “Real” length of ejector model is untouched. In Modify mode “Auto Length” and “Trim” feature can be unset again.


Here you can find additional information for the latest release

EMX 15.0

The full changelog can be found here.