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New IFX Version released

1. August 2022 | Updates


The new IFX version, compatible with Creo 9.0, contains some enhancements and fixes:


  • Set thread depth to ‘Through Thread’ if a hole with through thread is selected.  [RM-13184][SPR-13264653]
  • If a translation file is missing, the name of the file is outpust in the trail file. [RM-12460][SPR-13567673]



  • Fixed problem with hole tables while creating and redefining a dowel pin. [SPR13773021]
  • Fixed Creo crash when redefine a screw fastener. [SPR13773021]
  • Fixed problem with the determination of the minimum and maximum diameter of the countersink [C16322899]
  • Fixed an error when reading *.dat files with #FAMTAB.

This is just an overview of some of the changes.

More information about the new version including its updates can be found here


What’s new IFX

You can find the complete changelog here.