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New Version of Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension released

24. February 2021 | Updates

Select hole chart for IFX holes


  • Use different hole charts for different fastener types.
  • Show different hole notes.
  • Control the counterbore diameter with CBOREDIAM and CSINKDIAM.

Details / Usage

  • Use the new keyword THREAD_NAME in your fastener data file to preselect a hole chart.
  • Select hole chart for IFX holes if more then one is found.
Bore Chart Screw Fastener Definition   Bore chart Dowel PinFastener Definition

New options to control clearance hole behavior


  • Use the same behavior than Creo Parametric.
  • Allow to disable limits for the hole diameter.

Details / Usage

  • Control hole diameter behavior in the Screw Fastener Definition dialog box inside the Hole layout.
  • Control the limits for the hole and set the diameter to read only.

Bore diameter control      Bore diameter control

Find more about Whats’s new in IFX here(PDF, 542.2 kB) or refer to the complete change log.