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New Version of IFX available

19. May 2022 | Updates


There are some bugfixes in the new IFX Version:

  • Problem with redefinition of countersunk screws fixed. The problem occured in combination with Auto-UDF. The Auto-UDF information was lost. [RM-12568]
  • Fixed Creo crash when Redefine a screw fastener. [RM-12934] [SPR-13483120]
  • Fixed a problem in the screwdialog file. If the ‘STRING’ contains a space, the file is corrupted. [RM-12551]
  • Fix diameter error in ‘Unhardened_Ground.dat’. Change wrong diameter to ‘0.6250’. [RM-12486]

This is only a quick overview of the most important changes.

Here you can find more detailed information about the version and its new updates


What’s new IFX

You can find the complete changelog here.