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Renaming SMARTUpdate versions to match Creo Versions

2. December 2022 | Updates

We decided to harmonize the SMARTUpdate versioning scheme with the Creo versions to better understand the corresponding software packages.

  • Creo 7 corresponds to SMARTUpdate 7.x.x.x (former SU 10.x.x.x)
  • Creo 8 corresponds to SMARTUpdate 8.x.x.x (former SU 11.x.x.x)
  • Creo 9 corresponds to SMARTUpdate 9.x.x.x

License files stay valid and will keep the existing numbering scheme. The new version number is added as information.
SMARTUpdate versions for Creo 4, Creo 5 and Creo 6 will be available for download, but are now marked as ‘Out of maintenance’


New Software Capabilities
These new versions of SMARTUpdate contain a major overhaul in the background structure of the software and some other new capabilities.

  • Conversion of text based configuration to XML structure.
    This leads to a major performance increase both in administration and user mode.
  • Modernization of configuration dialog
    Better structured and harmonized with Creo look & feel
    Directly accessable from Ribbon
  • Improved User guides
    Distinguish between Adminguide and Userguide to better suit the corresponding audience.
  • Creo 9 compatible version
  • Ribbon reorganization: Clearly distinguished between Admin mode and User mode