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SMARTElectrode 10.0 M030 released

30. January 2018 | Updates

A new release SMARTElectrode 10.0 M030 is now available. Current changes:
Setup Wizard
New Setup Wizard on 1st start of application to help users to configure SMARTElectrode. Final configuration directory will be saved in environment variable SE_USER_CONFIG_PATH in current user profile. Delete configuration and restart software
to run setup wizard again.

Align base with surface
Added right-mouse-button command ‘Align base to surface’ to set angle C to Base UI. Two references have to be selected:
[1] surface from base
[2] surface to align to

Parameters: show index of copy
Parameters with default &seq show index of current electrode position instead of feature id. There is a COMPONENT parameter with rule &seq needed to save this information.
Example: Electrode A.1, Electrode A.2, Electrode B.1, Electrode C.1, …

Output electrode and burn-faces
New values for export option SE_EDM_BACKUP_REP:

  • 1: Export geometry as solid.
  • 2: Export geometry as quilts.
  • 3: Export geometry as surfaces.
  • 4: Export geometry as wireframe.
  • 5: Export geometry as solid with burn-faces.
  • 6: Export geometry as quilts with burn-faces.
  • 7: Export geometry as surfaces with burn-faces.

Highlight results in Check UI
Highlight selected result: component, touching surfaces or interference volume.

Edit properties in Burnsheet UI
Allow editing of project and core parameters in burnsheet UI.

Conversion of CAM_CSYS
CAM-csys created in versions 8.0 and 9.0 will be converted automatically to enable option CAM_CSYS_POS:

  • 0: Holder.
  • 1: Base Top.
  • 2: FREE_FACE.
  • 3: EDM Top.
  • 4: Blank Bottom.
  • 5: User Defined.
  • 6: EDM-Origin (Default).

Open complete changelog here.