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SMARTElectrode released

23. January 2019 | Updates

SMARTElectrode released

A new release SMARTElectrode is now available. The most important changes are:

[RM-6969][RM-7137] Operations or electrodes selectable for output

Complete operations or single electrodes can be selected for data output. Active operation is automatically selected by default.

Active operation in the dialog

[RM-7305] Improved Setup Wizard

Users can select default drawing format and drawing options for new configurations. Selected format and options will be assigned to drawings in new configuration folder:

  • \templates
  • \electrode\default_mm
  • \electrode\default_inch

Improved setup wizard

[RM-7373] Improved display of touching face analysis

Improved display of results in separate calculation model. Set option “CREATE_TOUCHING_SURFACES_FEAT” value “YES” to create results in calculation model. Usage of copy-geom instead of import feature.

Display of results of touching face analysis

[RM-7362] New drawing templates for operation sheets

Operation sheets list all electrodes that belong to a specific csys. Use option CREATE_OPERATION_DRAWING to control behavior:

  • 0: Don’t create operation drawing(s).
  • 1: Create operation drawing(s).
  • 2: Create operation drawing(s) and add to main drawing.

Drawing templates for operation sheetsOperation sheet as single drawing

Easier design changes in insert mode

The geometry of the electrodes is now easier to change when insert mode is activated and the insertion mark is dragged in front of the base. When calling up the base UI, the base is automatically resumed and updated. If necessary, the position and selected size will be adjusted. Missing connections between geometry and base are automatically added.

Open complete change log here.