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SMARTElectrode released

1. July 2020 | Updates

A new release of SMARTElectrode to support the design of sinking electrodes in Creo Parametric is now available. The most important changes at a glance:

  • SMARTElectrode is now available in French!
  • Allow separate temlates for all model types in SMARTElectrode. These templates will be used instead of default templates in Creo Parametric. Use separate templates to preset additional parameters and layers or to realize MBD-settings:
    • Electrode assembly:   configuration\model\se_assembly.asm   (Creo template: template_designasm)
    • Reference assembly:   configuration\model\se_reference.asm   (Creo template: template_designasm)
    • Reference part:   configuration\model\se_reference.prt    (Creo template: template_solidpart)
    • Electrode:   configuration\model\se_electrode.prt    (Creo template: template_solidpart)
    • Analysis model:   configuration\model\se_analysis.prt   (Creo template: template_solidpart)
    • Manufacturing assembly:   configuration\model\se_mfg.asm   (Creo template: template_mfgnc)
    • Workpiece:   configuration\model\se_mfg_workpiece.prt   (Creo template: template_solidpart)
  • Improved selection of electrode blank if several blanks with same section and different lengths are available. For example: 15x15x50, 15x15x75, 15x15x100.
  • Added export options “WM_COPY_TO_WORKSPACE YES” and “WM_ADD_AS_SECONDARY_CONTENT YES” to copy created file to active workspace. Electrode assembly will be set as primary content if “WM_ADD_AS_SECONDARY_CONTENT YES“. Limitations: This works only for exports creating a single file. The file will be created in defined save location at first and then copied to workspace.

The complete list of changes can be viewed here.