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That was our B&W Webinar Week 2020!

5. November 2020 | Updates

B&W Webinar Week 2020 was a fantastic event with 14 sessions from October 27th to 29th in two different languages.

There were again many exciting topics, great questions from customers and of course we recorded all webinars for you. Maybe you didn’t have the time last week to watch all webinars live. Just have a look on the recordings.

These were our topics

Automated color coding in only a few steps

We explain how to integrate product and manufacturing information directly into the model by applying colors automatically. We also show you SMARTColor, which makes your work much easier.


Learn how parameters and colors can work together

Did you know that parameters and colors can make your work easier? With their help, product and manufacturing information (PMI) can be easily passed on to subsequent processes. In this webinar we will explain how this works.


Consistent process chain from article to the final electrode

We show on the basis of an example how production information can be passed on and processed efficiently. SMARTElectrode can support you in this.


What’s new in EMX?

In day-to-day life, there is often not enough time to try out the new functions of Expert Moldbase Extension directly. We will show you compactly what new features are available and how they can make your work easier.


Tips and tricks for format management with SMARTAnnotate

SMARTAnnotate supports you in customizing the format management. But how does it work? How are parameters displayed? How to create multilingual formats?


What’s new in SMARTUpdate?

Do you have an overview about the quality of all your CAD data? Or did your company switch to Creo 7 and you don’t know how to update your CAD data? SMARTUpdate can help you.


What’s new in AFX?

We will show you compactly which new features of Advanced Framework Extension are available and how they can make your work easier. For example, do you know how to create and manage a user-defined configuration in the Parts Library?

They are all now available on our YouTube channel. We have linked the entire playlist of the B&W Webinar Week here:


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