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Tip: Custom Drop-Down Selection Menu in Expert Moldbase ExtensionBill of Materials and Edit Bill of Materials Entry Dialog

9. February 2018 | Tips & Tricks


due to a customers question I will explain how you can set up a custom Drop-Down selection in the BOM or in the Edit BOM Entry dialog.

In some cases it makes sense to restrict the user to a list of given values when he is working with the EMX BOM.

Use the EMX feature sel_list.txt to define lists of values for EMX parameters.

1.  Set up an example parameter in EMX Options with a name DROPDOWN_EXAMPLE and make sure it is aof type STRING and Show in Table and Show in Dialog is e set to YES

List for certain EMX parameters including example parameter

2. Create a new project and assemble a couple of components. Opoen the BOM Dialog. The parameter is added to all Components.

set list dialog

3. Now go to the <emx_install>/configuration folder and find the file sel_list.txt and open it with an text editor. Change the content as seen below. It is important to add a # hastag in front of the parameter name. the following lines will be the list values.In this case EXAMPLE_1, EXAMPLE_2 etc.

File opened in the editor

4. Save your project and restart EMX now. If you open your project and got to the BOM Dialog again and doube-click within a DROPDOWN_EXAMPLE cell you will find the list of values available.

Set lit dialog with a selection of oreset values for the parameters

and the same happens in the Edit BOM Entry Dialog box.

set list edit dialof

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