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What’s new in SMARTColor Version – New Settings And Icons

25. March 2021 | Updates

The new SMARTColor version has been extended with several new features, which have been split to the respective blog posts.
In this post we will talk about all the new settings and icons.

Set RGB color within legend symbols at runtime for a smaller number of symbol files and easier maintenance.
  • Define a single template symbol usable for all color definitions.
  • The RGB color set for a color definition is automatically applied to filled areas inside the symbol.

Setting the RGB color within legend symbols

  • Check out the software documentation for more information (chapter „Appendix“ à „How to create Legend symbols“).

Created symbol instance 250.sym

Created symbol instance „250.sym“ based on the template symbol and the color definition.

Symbol template sc_symbol_frame.sym

Symbol template „sc_symbol_frame.sym“

Define multiple groups to be activated for the created color symbols
  • Define a semicolon separated list of group names defined within the Creo symbol.
  • All groups of this list will be set to be active when the symbol instance is created from the template.
  • This allows to reduce the number of symbols, which have to be mantained as their appearance in the model can be pre-defined for every color definition.

Definition of multiple groups

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