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Expert Moldbase Extension is availabe as integrated Application beginning with Creo Parametric

20. October 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Beginning with Creo Parametric Expert Moldbase Extension is now available as integrated application. The software can be installed using the Creo Installer. Within Creo, EMX can be started using the command from the Applications .

From this point on the EMX Ribbon will be shown dynamically.

To ensure that the EMX functionalities are available for moldbase designers all the time the ribbon will be visible through out the entire session, even though a model changes in the active windows or a new model is created.  The ribbon stays visible until the application is closed using Close command.

In assembly mode the EMX ribbon can always be shown and hidden from the Applications page.

It is still possible to register and run EMX as an external application. In this case the appearance of the EMX ribbon is not different compared to current releases. EMX and SmartHolechart pages are constantly present in the Creo ribbon.

The Creo Button to start the integrated EMX verison is then disabled.