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SMARTAnnotate move of Flag-Tab

6. March 2023 | Updates

In SMARTAnnotate we have improved usability for you by integrating the ‘Flags’ tab into the corresponding object tabs.

Integration of ‘Flag’ tab into relevant object tabs

By integrating the standalone “Flag” tab into the respective object tabs, such as Std Annotations (2D) and Stack Notes (2D and 3D), tab changes and clicks are greatly reduced and the assignment of each flag is easier to understand.

The information and action options that were previously located in a separate tab are now located in four additional columns within the respective object tabs.

  1. Status: Warning if no flag(s) has been placed although the display option is set.
  2. Display: setting whether a flag should be displayed or not.
  3. Symbol: Allows you to select a symbol as a flag.
  4. Placement: Use the ‘Plus’ to place the corresponding flag.

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