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SMARTAnnotate: New release mechanism

6. March 2023 | Updates

In SMARTAnnotate, we have improved the administrative process for you by creating a new release mechanism for object definitions. This can decisively reduce the volume of data that arises during the administration of the software content, thus increasing clarity and performance.

Release mechanism for object definitions

With our release mechanism, we introduce a more efficient way of handling object definitions that will help improve performance and streamline your XML data.

Previously, each change to the object definition created an additional revision within the XML data that had to be maintained and permanently stored. By the current active ‘release’ of an object definition by the administrator, permanently stored revisions can be significantly reduced.

The procedure for release is as follows:

  1. Modified object definitions are marked as “unpublished”.
  2. Use “Publish” to release the object definition(s) for productive use.
  3. Select all the desired definitions in the dialog.
  4. Use “Publish and Save” to complete the process.


Since users can only work with ‘publish’ object definitions, it is now very easy for the administrator to test new objects without disrupting regular operations.

In addition, the future workflow will allow object definitions that have never been published to be deleted from the configuration, which will help keep the configuration tidy.