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SMARTElectrode 10.0 M040 released

9. May 2018 | Updates

SMARTElectrode 10.0 M040 released

A new release SMARTElectrode 10.0 M040 is now available. Current changes:

[RM-5578] Notifications in burnsheet UI

Notifications show additional information and warnings for electrodes. Click on notification icon (green flag + number) to open list with detailed messages. Currently available messages/warnings:

  • Info – Electrode copied from
  • Info – Electrode imported from
  • Info – Mirror solid from
  • Info – Merge solid from
  • Info – Split from
  • Info – Base not centered
  • Warning – CopyGeom changed
  • Warning – EDM csys not found

Notifications in burnsheet UI

Detailed notification window

[RM-6212] Default holder offset

Offset of holder be pre-defined in dat-file of electrode. It’s mandatory to set a default holder in column ‘HOLDER’. Use additional columns to define offset:


Holder with pre-defined offset

[RM-5883] Rename electrodes

Added new command ‘Rename’ to context menu in modeltree. Rename takes care of models, drawings, layers and simpreps. Note: manufacturing, workpiece and manufacturing drawing won’t be renamed.
Conextmenu with command renameUI for renaming

[RM-6436] Specify holder color in color format

Added new feature type “SE_HOLDER_MODEL” which can be used in color format file to control color of holder models.
Example to assign a green color to holders:
FEATURE   SE_HOLDER_MODEL   100,180,005   –
Example for holder color format

[RM-6426] Set reused electrodes independent

If electrodes are copied from another assembly, copy-geoms and cutout features will be set to NO UPDATE to avoid unintended regeneration.
Note: this functionality is available since Creo 3.

Notification for electrode without dependency

[RM-6120] Maintain table cell format

Table cell format from templates asm_bom.tbl, asm_wp.tbl and asm_edm.tbl will be maintained during update of drawing tables. This applies to text font, thickness and justification. Text height will be set to default text height.

[RM-6416] Assign core material to reference part

Assign core material to reference part if selected merge, inheritance or copy-geom.

See here for a list of all changes.