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Improved Workflow for Import of third-party Electrodes

21. February 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Improved Workflow for Import of third-party Electrodes

With the new release SMARTElectrode, the import of old or third-party electrodes has been improved. There are a number of reasons why third-party electrodes have to be declared in electrode assemblies from SMARTElectrode.

Workflow when importing

The command can be started directly via the ribbon.
Command for importing the electrodes via the ribbon

In addition to Creo Part files, the neutral formats IGES and STEP can also be selected. If necessary, the file is imported into a new model and inserted into the electrode assembly. In order to capture the model as completely as possible, it is necessary to select a number of references:

  • Top face of base
  • Free face of electrode
  • Side surface for aligning X / Y. Mostly surface in the -Y direction in the top view of the electrode.

Selection of references to capture the model
The electrode is placed temporarily in the assembly at first. After the import has been completed, the electrode can be moved to the correct location using the “Move” command.
Moving the electrode to the place of use via the Move command
Now most of the organization, check and modeling functions are available for the imported model. The imported model can be assembled again with the standard functionality, for example, or used for data output. The drawing creation also works for imported electrodes.
Drawing derivation for imported electrodes
The improved functionality enables the efficient use of old or third-party electrodes within the electrode assembly.



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This features is supported for all electrode assemblies starting with version SMARTElectrode