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New functions in SMARTAnnotate

6. March 2023 | Updates

In SMARTAnnotate we have optimized the usability for you when configuring and placing symbols, notes and tables.

Preview window

In a preview window the selected options and values are displayed directly to see the final shape of the symbol, note, or table already before placing. This saves unnecessary correction work after placement. In the assembly and parts mode this improvement only affects the placement of symbols, in the drawing mode it also affects notes and tables.

Reuse of symbol definitions

You can now save the symbol definition with all set options and values as a ‘Favorite’. You can retrieve the definitions stored in an .xml file at any time in the same or another model / drawing.

Here is a brief guide:

  1. Press “Save” to select the created symbol for export (only SMARTAnnotate symbols can be selected)
  2. Press “Open” to retrieve an exported settings file (*.xml).
  3. The settings include the selected groups, the selected or entered values, and the color and angle
  4. After opening press the button to start placement
  5. Define the default directory for importing and exporting the settings files using the “symbols_user_profiles_dir” option. By default the working directory
    is used.

Furthermore you can copy already once placed symbols with all set options and values within a model / drawing and place them directly as a new symbol variant. To do this, use the new ‘Copy’ icon and select a symbol variant placed by SMARTAnnotate. Now you can place the new variant immediately at another place. This saves a lot of time, especially for complex symbol definitions.