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New Selection Tools for Electrodes

21. February 2020 | Tips & Tricks

New Selection Tools for Electrodes

With the release of the SMARTElectrode some improvements in geometry selection are also available. In detail these are:

  • New selection tool “Tool tip”
  • Integration of the shape-based selection filters from the “Flexible Modeling Extension”
  • New arrangement of the commands in the “Selection” group

Application of Tool Tip selection

new selection tool tool-tip

With the new tool tip selection, it is possible to perform a visual inspection of the model with a selected diameter in order to decide for which contours electrodes must be manufactured.

possibility to select the diameter of the tool tip

The tool diameter is always oriented in the current view.

Orientation of the selected tool diameter in the current view

Surfaces within can be selected punctually or by a drawn path. When the Shift key is held down, the path is restricted to vertical or horizontal movement. By selecting all surfaces within the path, even small surrfaces segments can be captured.

Acquisition of small area segments

The new tool not only allows the selection but also the direct processing of the surfaces. A cutout can be created directly for each surface set.

Selection with Tool Tip

Or the selection is further modified by the user after closing the dialog, as all surfaces remain selected after closing.

Shape-based selection filters

From the flexible modeling extension the shape-based selection commands were integrated into the ribbon. This allows for example the easy selection of cutting geometries and rounds. Furthermore, the coaxial selection filter is also available.

Choice of cutting geometries and curves

Availability of the coaxial selection filter

New arrangement of the commands

The less frequently used commands have been moved to the overflow of the “Selection” group

new command arrangement



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Starting with SMARTElectrode all improvements for selections are available in all electrode assemblies.