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SMART3DExport Version

30. January 2023 | Updates

The new SMART3DExport version has been released. It contains numerous improvements and changes for both user and admin mode, which are briefly presented in this blog post.

User mode:

  • New Ribbon Ui

  • Overhauled User Guide
  • Opens within internal Creo Browser
  • Improved Export dialog
  • Single ‚Export‘ dialog
  • Enhanced Combined States selection
    1. Select all, de-select all, invert selection
    2. Sorting capabilities
  • Easy template and page size selection
  • Better support for multiple Combined States on a larger sheet

Admin mode:

  • Configuration files transferred to XML
  • Distinction between User and Admin mode
  • Environment variable S3DX_ADMIN_MODE_ENABLED=TRUE
  • New Admin mode ribbon UI

  • Admin Guide introduced
  • Available from Admin mode ribbon
  • Opens in internal browser
  • New Configuration dialog

  • Improved Templates setup
  • Direct access from Admin mode ribbon
  • Default paste range for new templates
  • Easier paste range selection

  • Group definition
  • Still a manual file editing (now .xml)
  • System groups
    1. ALL – all Combined States
    2. ACTIVE – active Combined State
    3. New attribute
  • Creo Published Combined States
  • Will be constantly improved